Photo courtesy of Amanda Creek Photography


My name is Hope and I am a lifestyle and nature photographer.  I started getting serious about photography in 2010.  Below is a little back ground information as to why I do what I do.

I have spent many years taking pictures just for the fun of it.  As I have gotten older and wiser I have discovered a great passion for the world as viewed through my photo lens.  There have been two moments in my life, two photos that I have taken that changed my outlook forever.

May I first introduce you to Summer Fun:

A Journey Through a Sprinkler

A Journey Through a Sprinkler

This was taken with my first digital camera, a simple point and shoot Kodak Easy Share.  My daughter was running through a sprinkler and I was taking random shots.  Later I discovered the beauty and simplicity of summer fun. This was taken in April of 2010 and remains a favorite of mine.

My second introduction is to The Gardenia:

My Rebirth

My Rebirth

This sweet flower photo was taken with my iPhone 3Gs.  I was on a stroll through Lake Lily in April of 2011.  This photo marks the beginning of a new life for me.  This is the defining moment in my life where I decided it was time to follow my heart.  The time to start living for myself instead of as others thought I should.

I began to capture life with my camera.  I see so many possibilities so much beauty in life.  I want to share it with you, my world.

Peace, loves!

If you would like to see more of my photos please visit Hope’s Marie’s Photography on Facebook. Also, visit us on Thumbtack.com where you can see my reviews <a href=”http://www.thumbtack.com/fl/apopka/photographers/photography-services-hope-marie-s-photography”>Wedding photographer</a>


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