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I would like you to meet Cheryl. She is an Alcoholism Survivor. Alcoholism is defined as a chronic disease including uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol. Alcohol is addictive and the alcoholic needs to drink more and more to either keep up with their peers or to get the same feelings. Cheryl started out small and moved onto stronger things as she was trying to fit in and feel good. Some of the pictures are not pretty, yet neither is the addiction. Cheryl is sharing her story in the hope that it helps someone else. If one person looks at alcoholism differently, or gets help, then she has not done this for “naught”. For 10 years alcohol controlled her life. Cheryl has been sober for over a year now. She took control of her life and she wins! One day at a time.


3 thoughts on “Cheryl

  1. A story well told. Pictures are very moving. Cheryl is one of my younger sisters and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Thank you for telling her story.

  2. Just an amazing video. .gave me happy tears… cheryl is just an all around amazing person and glad u could do this shows how awesome she really is. So glad I know her.

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