You want me to pay WHAT????


I feel this needs to be posted again, Photographer’s Fees.  I have been in the shoes of the general consumer looking to have photos done of my family.  I have looked at the prices of professional photographers and I have cringed.  I have instead gone to places like Walmart.  Walmart will give you a disk of poor quality and just a few poses.  This forces you to be inside and posing for pictures.  Once you reject a pose, it’s gone.I have also done the do it yourself routine and that is not easy either.  Setting timers and forcing poses.  It’s all very tedious.

I am a lifestyle photographer.  I want to capture you candidly.  Watching you play with your kids or as you cuddle with your spouse.  Watching you walk along the beach hand in hand and reminding the world how beautiful love can be!

Photography is not an easy task.  I will take time to drive to the desired location the day before a shoot.  I will walk the location and make notes of the lighting and the best areas to take photos.  When you day comes I take time to drive to the location and set up.  Often I will be laying on my belly in the dirt or crawling on hands and knees because the shot looks best from that angle.  I will work until 2 o’clock in the morning on your photos.  I will sacrifice my time with my family to make sure you get what you paid for.  What you don’t know, is for every hour I spend taking photos of you I will spend 4-6 editing those photos.  Making sure that I find the best ones and enhance them to make them perfect for you.  I will then burn those picutre to a CD for you to keep and use as your please.  There will be no water marks on those photos.  No copyrights.  They will belong to you.  I will let you pick a photo or two for me to print for you.

All of this is included in the fee I charge you.  Is it worth it?  Yes it is.  Now that I am on this side of the camera I believe so.


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