Photographer’s Fees

Birthday Ballons


I have spent a lifetime avoiding professional photographers.  Why, you ask?  Because of the expensive fees.  Who in their right mind can afford to shell out $100-300 for a photographer?  I know I can’t.  I refused to pay anyone that ind of money for simply taking and printing photos for me.  That has come right back around to bite me.  As I have gotten into taking pictures more I realize its so much more than shoot and print.  For example:

Yesterday I was at a neighbor’s house.  Invited at the last minute to a kids birthday party.  I wasn’t going to go.  I was tired, not in the mood.  Yet as I lay on my bed, being lazy I felt bad.  Then I had the idea I could go, I could offer to do the pictures.  That’s putting myself out there.  Letting people know I exist! I was there for nearly three and a half hours.  Took 400 pictures.

It is now nearly 24 hours later.  I have put almost an additional 5 hours into those pictures I took.  Organizing them into categories.  Editing those that just totally call for it.  Making a slide show and putting music to it.  My hands hurt from the mouse and clicking.  My back hurts from not having a decent work space.  I am tired.  Yet I am so happy.  I love every minute of this.

Never again will I roll my eyes at a photographer’s fee.  I applaud every back breaking moment taken by a photographer and I thank everyone of you that took time to do pictures for me.



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